Introduction to Visual Effects

This intensive 5 day course will give students insights into the visual effects processes used in film post production. It will cover a wide range of topics from basic camera operation through to cutting edge filmmaking technologies such as virtual cinematography.
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Introduction to Drone Programming with Droneblocks

Thursday Jan. 27th 9am-3pm
This fun, one day course will demonstrate basic programming concepts and walk students through examples of autonomous flight.
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3D Printing for Artists

This introductory course will acquaint artists with the 3D Printing process and will consider creative uses for 3D Printing. By using a mixture of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on learning approaches, participants will translate their ideas or existing objects into digital 3D models and 3D prints.
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Introduction to 3D

This short course is an introduction to learning 3D.  You will be introduced to different types of techniques found in 3D software that you can use to build and render entire scenes entirely in 3D.

Introduction to Visual Effects

This intro to visual effects course will not only teach you how to get great results through compositing, it will also teach all of the technical details that need to be considered.

Introduction to 
Augmented Reality

This class will teach you the fundamentals of augmented reality (AR), and how to build  AR experiences

Vehicle Design and Simulation

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Introduction to Virtual Reality 

This course will introduce you to Virtual Reality . The course will teach you everything from the basics of VR, the hardware and the history of VR  to the different applications of VR.

In this course, you will not only be introduced to what these technologies are through hands-on experience, but you will also learn the basics associated with how you design and develop software for these platforms.

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What can I do with your Certificate?

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