Director: Mike Dunn

Mike Dunn is an developer and visual effects artist who has been producing award winning content for film, television and interactive projects for over 30 years.

Projects in production involve the use of visuals effects, interactive design, augmented reality, machine learning, motion tracking and virtual cinematography.

In 2021 he opened The Southwest Studio, a 300sqm multi-use production facility. Featuring a 10mx10m virtual production stage with green screen, rear projection, camera tracking and Unreal Engine integration for Virtual Cinematography.

Modular in design the The Southwest studio also is used for STEM learning, Films Screenings, as a rehearsal space , and dry hire film/photography studio.

He is passionate about empowering young people and exposing regional youth to the digital creative arts.

He is also the owner of design company, Phimedia.

Internet Movie Database Entry 

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