Cyber distopian dirty futuristic. Dark humor . Adult. 
Bounty - westworld - Steal suitcase
Arrives on Bike
Robot competition
Up lift? 
Across rooftops
Jump between buildings 
Along ledge ( views into apartments ) 
Opens suitcase - hidden contents glows  - tarantino. 
Opens door. Robot there shot in head.  Robot takes suitcase (The departed)
or Steps on tack - Falls off ledge falls to death . Aeon Flux
Clone reset - Back of Clones ... to be continued 
Tech gear:
  • Motorcycle - retro cafe racer 
  • Ladder 
  • Look at wrist
  • Heads up display
  • Glasses
  • Wrist mounted HUB - pipboy
Eon Flux
The Departed ( ending ) 
Batman (Asetrirc)
2000AD Dredd. Megacity.
Woman on comms?
Scene through windows 
Cafe racers Bike
Climbs ladder. 
Jumps across rooftop. 
edges along ledge high up. 
Hand ove hand pipe. 
Stims - enhanced drug before jump. POV. 
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