Introduction to Visual Effects

April 19th - April 22nd
9:00 - 3:00pm
The course is free of charge but is limited to 10 Places

Entry is via this online application.

This intensive 4-day course will give students insights into the creation of visual effects used in film post production. It will cover a wide range of topics from basic camera operation through to cutting edge filmmaking technologies such as virtual cinematography.

The course will run as a series of workshops covering a different topic each day . The morning session will be a practical demonstration. The afternoon session will be a hands-on exercise where students will be given the opportunity to apply what they have learnt in a production environment.
The course is an excellent primer for students wishing to enter the CinefestOz Cinesnaps short film competition.


Access to studio and equipment can be arranged after the course for those with entries in the short film competition

Topics covered will include;

  • Introduction to the Cinema Camera, Lighting and Audio
  • Compositing with Blackmagic Davinci Resolve / Fusion
  • Green screen Compositing
  • Camera Motion Control and Performance Motion Capture
  • Virtual Cinematography.
  • Photoreal compositing in 3D
  • Intro to 360 Video
In association with

Introduction to the Cinema Camera, Lighting and Audio

  • Resolution
  • Colour space
  • Frame rates 
  • Compression 
  • Focal length
  • Aperture
  • Using a colour chart.

Compositing with Blackmagic Davinci Resolve / Fusion

  • Mattes 
  • Keys
  • Garbage matte
  • 3d
  • LUT
  • Colour grading
  • Tracking footage
    • Single Point Tracking
    • Planar Tracking

Green screen Compositing

  • Lighting  green screen
  • Key types
  • Realtime Keying

Camera Motion Control

  • Emotimo ST4

  • Dragonframe stopmotion 

  • Repeatable motion control

Performance Motion Capture

  • Overview of technology. 

    • Perception Neuron full body capture
    • Plask.ai
    • Opti track
    • move.ai

Virtual Cinematography

  • Tracking with Vive 

  • Green screen Virtual sets

  • Introduction to Virtual cinematography with Unreal engine.

Photoreal compositing 3D with Blender  

  • Light probe

  • Rendering with Global illumination

360 Video

    • Introduction to cameras
    • Viewing 
    • Reframing for 2d.
    • Compositing
    • Audio in 360

Your Instructor

Mike Dunn is an interactive designer and visual effects artist who has been producing award winning content for film, television and interactive projects for over 25 years.

Mike wears many hats. Projects in production involve the use of visuals effects, interactive design, augmented reality, machine learning, motion tracking and virtual cinematography.

In 2021 he opened The Southwest Studio,  a 300 sqm multi-use production facility. Featuring a 10mx10m virtual production stage with green screen, rear projection, camera tracking and Unreal Engine integration for Virtual Cinematography.

Modular in design the The Southwest studio also is used for STEM learning, Films ccreenings , as a rehearsal space , and dry hire film/photography studio.

He is passionate about empowering young people and exposing regional youth to the digital creative arts.

Introduction to Visual Effects

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